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Welcome to the Ginger Beer Plant.

We are unique in enabling you to buy true Ginger Beer Plant (GBP) from a known, verified source and endorsed by the good people of the Yahoo Group. So when you make an order from us you can be sure you are getting the original Ginger Beer Plant containing the yeast and bacterium Saccharomyces florentinus and Brevibacterium vermiforme.

Why are we the best?

Our Ginger Beer Plant has been carefully maintained without any mixing from other cultures. We specialise in Genuine GBP so you can be 100% confident that you are getting pure GBP and not a mixture of other cultures.

Making naturally fermented ginger beer, lemonade, mead, iced tea, or any flavour you can imagine is just child's play using our authentic Ginger Beer Plant. Have a go yourself or with the kids. It's great project over the holidays, simple, fun, and so rewarding. Learn about how two organisms cooperate to make refreshing ginger beer. Watch the little Puffed Rice like grains bob up and down in the sun like a living Lava lamp.

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